The benefits of branded clothing for outdoor work

Regatta outdoor workwear

If you’re working outdoors in all weathers, weatherproof clothing keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. At Sussex Clothing we’re proud to offer a terrific range of hoodies, fleeces, trousers and jackets to protect you in wet and windy weather and make your work day more tolerable.

Weatherproof workwear is designed to handle whatever the weather throws at it, whether you’re called out to an emergency or working on-site. But that’s not the only advantage of branded clothing when you work outdoors.

Comfortable and breathable

As the climate changes, you could find you’re working in warm and wet conditions where you need your workwear to be highly breathable. Fortunately our base layers, fleeces, jackets and other outdoor work gear uses technical fabrics that are breathable so you don’t sweat extensively under your layers. Our hydra plus and hydra-shell jackets are waterproof to 2000mm and breathable to 2000gsm so you’ll never have any problems with heat when working outside.

The perfect fit

Working outside in wet and windy conditions can be miserable, and it’s even worse if your workwear doesn’t fit correctly. We have a great selection of weatherproof clothing for men and women, so you’ll always get the perfect fit for those tough outdoor days. From hooded softshell jackets to padded bodywarmers, women on-site or working outdoors can enjoy the same levels of flexibility, ease of movement and comfort throughout the working day.

Polished and professional

Workwear doesn’t have to look bulky and shapeless. In fact modern technical fabrics and lighter layers mean that teams can look just as polished and professional in outdoor workwear as in a jacket and polo shirt. And when your teams are working outside it’s more important than ever that they project the right image to the general public.

Our weatherproof workwear is available in a wide range of styles, including smart waterproof crew jackets and management coats that project the right image for your business. And because we can customise any item in our extensive outdoor range, your workwear will continue to promote your brand, whatever the weather!

Bring your team together

When you’re working in miserable conditions, bring your team together with branded workwear. Never underestimate the power of a tough and practical uniform to make your team feel a sense of togetherness, even in the worst conditions. 

There are other considerations for using branded outdoor workwear. Your team look the part and raise brand awareness wherever they’re working. It’s easy for the general public to identify who to contact, and branded workwear generates a great ROI for your business with 1,000 impressions costing as little as £0.004.

Make life easier

When you’re working in tough conditions, having the right workwear definitely helps to make life a little easier. You can pull on your branded uniform every day knowing that you’ll be protected from whatever the elements can throw at you, thanks to the attention to detail in our weatherproof workwear.

Branded clothing from Sussex Clothing

At Sussex Clothing we have an extensive range of high-quality outdoor workwear that can be customised with your business name and logo for extra visibility and great ROI. Call today on 01273 417074 to find out more and visit our shop for the full range.

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