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Sustainable Body Warmer

Making a choice to sustainable branded clothing is a great way to meet your green targets and demonstrate your brand’s commitment to being environmentally aware without compromising on quality, choice or fit. With the UK hosting the critical COP26 summit in Glasgow later this year, sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever.

So how can your business meet eco-commitments while providing safe, comfortable and stylish workwear? By understanding sustainability in the value chain you can start making the right choices when you invest in work uniforms and branded clothing.

Sustainability is a shared responsibility

When it comes to change, even the smallest step can make a big difference. Investing in high-quality, impeccably sourced workwear that’s built to last is a great first step towards creating an ethical and sustainable culture for your business. 

But sustainability is more than just a buzz word, which is why you need to look at every link in the value chain to make sound, environmentally friendly choices.

Understanding sustainability in workwear

It’s critical that you understand every step in the process when choosing sustainable branded clothing, and that you ask the right questions:

Understand the sourcing process: What fibres are used and where did they come from? How was the garment made?

Select sustainable fabrics: Have you chosen sustainable textiles that are organic or made from recycled materials? How do you know if you’re buying virgin polyester or recycled fibres?

Understand the production process: Is the pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing process sustainable? What’s the impact on air and water pollution and resource use?

Understand the lifecycle of your workwear: How often will workwear be washed and with what chemicals? How long lasting is the fabric? When is the ‘ecological breaking point’ of a garment where replacement is more cost-effective than cleaning and repair?


Can the garment be recycled to contribute to a circular economy?

Choosing sustainable branded clothing

Fortunately, choosing sustainable workwear is much simpler these days with the advent of ethical standards sustainable textiles and brands that make a commitment to sustainability.

Our B&C range of sustainable branded clothing fits the bill. With a commitment to creating positive change across the value chain for their range of ethical, comfortable and desirable clothing, B&C work to ensure that sustainability is integrated in everything they do.

Meeting ethical standards

When choosing sustainable workwear, look for ethical standards including Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This is the independent testing and certification system for textiles, which ensures there are no harmful substances. In addition, B&C is a member of Fairwear and Amorfi, the global group committed to trading with purpose.

Sustainable textiles

All B&C clothing is created using the ‘lowest environmental impact possible’ filter, using renewable energy sources to process organic cotton. This is a popular choice for branded workwear because it’s comfortable, cost-effective and comes in a huge range of colours and styles. In addition, all polyester mix clothing uses recycled polyester fibres.

Buy to last

Buying high-quality workwear that’s made to last is another sustainable choice. Even better, your branded clothing will look better for longer, turning every worker into a brand ambassador.

With a wide range of garments to fit every member of your workforce, our B&C range is stylish, affordable and sustainable. Check out our sustainable range.

Pictured is SX057: Stanley Hikes bodywarmer 

Manufacturer Code: STJM581The men’s bodywarmer crafted from premium 70gsm 100% recycled polyester.

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