Why reflective and hi-vis branded clothing is essential for dark evenings

Reflective and hi-vis clothing

Reflective and hi-vis clothing isn’t pretty. As Karl Lagerfeld, the French fashion designer said, it’s ugly but it keeps you safe. And that’s one of the reasons why reflective branded clothing is essential as the long winter nights draw in.

Reflective and hi-vis workwear is a common site in construction and other industries because it offers a range of benefits to the wearer. Adding your company logo ensures that your brand shines bright and your customers can see how serious you are about health and safety. These are just some of the advantages of branded clothing for your company.

Wearing and using reflective clothing should be an essential part of your custom workwear wardrobe, making it an inexpensive and easy way to stay safe in the dark.

Modern reflective fabrics

Reflective garments have come a long way since they made their debut in the 1960s on Scottish railways. Modern fabrics are soft and comfortable making them ideal for everything from construction to the emergency services. Modern reflective materials are breathable, water repellent, wind resistant, strong, comfortable and durable and can be used for jackets, jumpsuits, trousers, bands and a range of other protective clothing.

A safe work environment

One of the most important benefits of reflective clothing is that it promotes a safe working environment. When your team has the right protective clothing for the job they feel safe and their morale increases. Creating a safe working environment means your team can get on with the job with complete peace of mind. Wherever your workers need to be seen to be safe, reflective branded clothing is a wise investment.

Be seen, be safe

As the nights draw in, reflective clothing is the smart choice when you need to stand out from your environment. If your team needs to work outside at night or in poor weather, branded reflective clothing will keep them safe wherever they are. For example, emergency workers will be protected from other road users when they’re clearly visible.

Promotes teamwork and security

Of course, promoting teamwork doesn’t just apply to hi-vis and reflective clothing. Any branded uniforms will give your team a professional and polished appearance. However, when your workers have the right custom reflective equipment for more hazardous work it does make it easier to see who’s part of the team and who shouldn’t be onsite.

A matter of life and death

If you have lone workers out on a job, reflective clothing might just save their life. If they’re injured on the job and unable to use their smartphone, being highly visible could help rescue teams find them faster. And adding your branding will give emergency teams a heads up about who to contact.

Works all year round

As the nights draw in, staying safe in the dark becomes of foremost concern. But even in the warmer months, reflective clothing works hard to keep your team safe. Replacing reflective jackets and helmets with vests and shirts highlighted with reflective tape will be just as effective.

Reflective branded clothing at Sussex Clothing

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