Spotlight on branded clothing and workwear

Branded Black Shirt

If you’re serious about your brand, you need to invest in high-quality branded clothing. And with a growing number of products on the market, you’re sure to find the branded garments your team needs to make that great first impression, from embroidered polo shirts to hi-vis clothing.

We’ve put the spotlight on five pieces from our men’s and women’s workwear collection to make your workforce feel smart, empowered and more productive.

Enjoy free advertising with branded polo shirts

Polo shirts are a great way to create a work uniform without being too formal. Polo shirts are ideal for everyday wear while looking smart enough to make an impression. And that means everywhere your team goes, your logo goes too. 

This type of marketing is free and highly effective, particularly when your workforce are wearing our smart polo shirts in men’s and women’s fit.

Improve wellbeing in branded PPE workwear

Providing your workers with high-performance, well-fitting branded workwear is a great way to improve morale and wellbeing among your staff. Good PPE workwear shows your commitment to keeping your workforce safe and well-equipped, and they’ll repay you with increased efficiency and productivity.

Our range of hi-vis branded jackets, face masks and other protective gear show your commitment to worker safety and wellbeing throughout the pandemic.

Boost brand recognition with high-performance fleeces

Ill-fitting workwear reflects badly on your brand. But equip your workers with smart technical clothing and they’re ready to become brand ambassadors.

Fleeces are an important part of day to day workwear, creating a smart-casual uniform that performs in all weathers. Available in hi-vis and women’s fit, our range of fleece jackets and gilets is sure to turn heads and boost your brand recognition into the bargain. 

Make your customers feel at ease with smart branded clothing

We’ve all done it – confused a member of the public for a member of staff. Clothe your workforce in smart and well-tailored branded shirts and there’ll be no more confusion. This is a quick and effective way of creating a coherent look for your staff and drawing the line between them and the public.

Customers are also more likely to interact with your staff if they’re confident in knowing that they work for you. And that, in turn, builds brand loyalty and trust. Our extensive range features everything from flannel and denim shirts for a more relaxed vibe to corporate long and short-sleeved styles in men’s and women’s fit for that perfectly tailored look.

It’s easier than ever to shop for branded workwear

From summer-ready smart shorts to high-performance gym wear, it’s never been easier to shop for branded workwear. Improvements in materials and techniques mean it’s also incredibly easy to brand any style of workwear with your logo, so whether you’re an established business or a startup you can benefit from everything branded workwear has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for base layers or formal wear, we can provide everything your team needs including footwear, chefswear and winter essentials. If you’re looking for branded clothing in East and West Sussex, London or the south then get in touch with us at Sussex Clothing. Whatever your workwear needs, we can meet them by finding the perfect fit for your formal or informal branded clothing.

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