Choose the perfect branded workwear jackets?

Branded workwear jacket

Branded workwear jackets are a staple of any workwear uniform. Warm, comfortable and protective, the right jacket can amplify your brand image and boost productivity. But, if you’re finding it a challenge to choose the ideal jacket for your teams, we have a quick guide to help you make an informed choice.

For versatility: soft shell jackets

A versatile softshell jacket deserves a place in any workwear wardrobe. The smart-casual styling makes these lightweight jackets an obvious choice when your team needs to stay warm and protected in any situation.

Softshell jackets are ideal for a wide range of industries and businesses. For example, outdoor workers will enjoy the convenience of a lightweight, protective layer to throw on over a fleece or t-shirt. At the same time, the on-trend and stylish tailoring means they’re not out of place in a more corporate environment.

We can print or embroider your logo or other design onto your branded workwear soft shell jackets in whatever size and colours you need.

For visibility: Hi-vis workwear jackets

Hi-vis is an essential part of any workwear uniform when working outside at dusk or dawn, and visibility is an issue.

Our hi-vis jackets come in a range of colours so you can be seen and safe in the most challenging work environments. As well as helping to prevent accidents, our hi-vis workwear is warm and comfortable and can be printed with your company logo, which is critical for identification when working in a large team at night.

For all-weather wear: heavy-duty outdoor jackets

When your teams are outdoors in all weathers, a heavy-duty jacket is an essential piece of branded workwear. Fully waterproofed and with a warm lining, all-weather jackets keep your team going whatever the elements throw at them.

Modern fabric technology means that even the most protective jacket is comfortable to wear and allows a full range of movement. We recommend printing on defensive workwear, so the effectiveness of the fabric isn’t compromised.

For extra warmth: padded jackets

Padded or puffer jackets are lightweight and highly portable, folding down small to tuck into a work bag. Styled for all genders and available with or without sleeves, padded jackets are hugely versatile when you need some extra warmth.

Jackets can be worn with jeans and a fleece, while sleeveless gilet styles pop under a formal jacket. Padded jackets have been on-trend for several years, so your teams will be happy to wear a branded version. Consider an embroidered logo on the chest or across the back of the jacket for more impact.

For extra protection: windproof jackets

A lightweight wind and water repellent jacket is a fantastic choice when you only need occasional protection from the weather – for example, on a site visit.

A stylish piece of branded outerwear makes a great first impression while keeping you protected against gales and showers. Choose a model with a hood for an extra layer of protection.

Adding a logo reinforces the impression that your teams are ready for anything in style.

Branded workwear jackets from Sussex Clothing

Branded jackets convey professionalism and build brand awareness. Shop our great range today or contact us to find out more about putting together a branded workwear wardrobe for every team member.

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