Why your business needs branded polo shirts this spring

branded polo shirts

There’s a reason why branded polo shirts are best for business. With their combination of smart casual design and versatility, an embroidered polo is a great way to project a professional and polished image.

As the weather gets warmer, you want your team to represent your business yet still look highly professional, and nothing succeeds like a polo shirt. Popular, modern in design and super comfortable to wear, they make everybody look good. Here’s why you need to add customised polo shirts to your branded clothing line-up.

Comfort and versatility

One thing employees demand from a work uniform is comfort. And if you want to encourage the best performance from your team, a well-designed polo is a great addition to the ensemble. More comfortable than a shirt, but less informal than a T-shirt, a polo can go anywhere from office to building site. And your employees will stay cool and look smart, even when the temperature starts to rise.

That versatility also means a polo shirt can be worn for most of the year, from spring to autumn. Smart, breathable and comfortable, it’s an indispensable piece of branded clothing.

Team collaboration

Polos work equally well for men and women, and most body types, so you can create an inclusive smart casual team uniform all your employees can wear. In turn, that helps to instil a team mindset that gets everyone working towards the same goals.

If you’re keen to encourage a sense of collaboration and teamwork, branded clothing is a great investment. It gets everyone on the same page, and encourages the belief that you all share the same objectives and vision and can get the job done.

Endless advertising

Branded clothing that looks good and is comfortable to wear has another big benefit for your business. From the moment your team pulls on a branded polo in the morning, to when they take it off at home at night, it’s working hard to promote your business.

Wherever your employees go, both in and out of the workplace, they’re promoting your brand. An embroidered polo shirt makes a great first impression and keeps your business top of mind. Plus, as the weather warms up and your team start working in shirt sleeves, it’s easy to spot other team members onsite or in the office.

Professionalism, whatever the weather

Spring is notorious for fluctuating temperatures, leaving you shivering one minute and sweltering the next. Our range of breathable polo shirts look good under a fleece or casual jacket, yet still look effortlessly smart when worn alone.

That makes a branded polo the perfect choice for a sweltering office. Whether you dress up with a smart jacket or add jeans for Dress Down Friday, a polo shirt keeps you looking crisp and feeling cool.

Branded clothing from Sussex Clothing

Selecting your branded polo shirts from Sussex Clothing couldn’t be easier. With a comprehensive range of fabric and colour choices, we can help you integrate our polo shirts with your existing workwear uniform. And we can add your company logo for instant brand recognition.

Don’t leave your team feeling hot and uncomfortable this spring. Contact Sussex Clothing today and we’ll be pleased to help you find the perfect polo for your employees.

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