5 factors to consider with branded workwear

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Five factors to consider when choosing your next branded workwear uniform

A company uniform is an essential part of building a polished and professional brand. But the right branded workwear can also perform a useful health and safety role and help develop a sense of identity and pride.

Here’s what you need to consider when putting together your branded workwear uniform.

Practicality and comfort

This should be your number one consideration when it comes to making purchasing decisions. After all, a uniform can look smart, but if it doesn’t perform its safety or PPE function then it’s worthless.

Your teams need workwear that lets them carry out their tasks. But their uniform also needs to conform to legal requirements, so your employees aren’t risking illness or injury.

Research shows that a well-fitting, practical and comfortable uniform has clear benefits for your employees, including boosting morale and giving your teams a positive outlook that is reflected in their work.

Product sizing and range

One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to branded workwear. So as part of the onboarding process, why not record employees’ workwear size and preferences?

Fortunately, at Sussex Clothing, we stock a huge selection of items in a range of sizes, for men and women, so every employee can enjoy the perfect fit.

Fabric choice

Making the right fabric choice can be daunting. After all, your branded uniform needs to protect your employees in all weathers, or when working in specific situations with heat or water. Clothing should be tough, yet breathable, fully protective yet comfortable to wear.

Other considerations when choosing fabrics include garments that are durable and easy to look after. Cotton is a popular choice because it’s affordable and breathable, but for challenging situations, you might consider more technical fabrics with moisture-wicking properties. For occasions when smart-casual or tailored uniform fits the bill, look for crease resistant fabrics.


Getting your branding right is critical, and there are several key factors to consider:

– Colour: will your team uniform reflect your company colours, or will you use different coloured polos and T-shirts to designate different roles?

– Logo location and size: where do you want the logo to be placed and how prominent do you want it to be on a jacket, fleece or polo shirt?

– Logo complexity: is your logo quite a simple one or two colour design, or is it more complex?

– Embroidery or printing: do you want your logo and company info to be printed on the garment or embroidered for greater longevity?

At Sussex Clothing we can advise you on your choices, including whether printed or embroidered logos look better on a range of garments. Talk to us and we’ll help you nail your branding.

Your branded workwear Budget

Your branded workwear uniform is critical when you want to present a professional look to customers and clients. You need your workwear to be smart, long-lasting, and hard-wearing. But you also want to achieve the best results with your budget. 

Start by deciding on a capsule wardrobe that contains the absolute essentials for your team and you can expand from there with specialist pieces.

Need help creating the perfect branded workwear wardrobe? Then get in touch with Sussex Clothing today and we’ll be happy to help.

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