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Shopping for branded workwear online should be simple. After all, a uniform can deliver brand visibility without sacrificing personal style, if you make the right choices. At Sussex Clothing, we’re here to help you put together a great workwear wardrobe, which is why we’ve assembled these top tips for shopping online.

Find your inspiration

When you’re buying branded workwear, it pays to know what kind of image you want to project. Is the image you want to project professional or smart-casual? Do your teams need clothing that prioritises comfort and safety? And do they require different uniforms for summer and winter?

Doing your research before you buy will streamline the process and help to avoid costly impulse buying.

Get the basics right

Don’t be tempted by accessories or garments that promise to solve problems you don’t actually have. Start by getting the basics right – shirts and t-shirts or polos, fleece, jacket, trousers and skirt if required. If you have legal obligations to provide PPE, check legislation to make sure you’re providing the right workwear including hard hats, gloves and steel toe-cap boots.

Make use of filters

The reason you’re looking for branded workwear is to project a corporate image. In turn, that can help with team morale and productivity, so providing a workwear uniform is a win-win.

Use filters to pinpoint the items you need. We recommend you stick with recognised brands if you have customer-facing staff who you need to project professionalism and build confidence with the public. We also recommend that you keep your logo and corporate colour scheme consistent across your branded workwear for best results. And our on-page filters let you find the items you need, fast.

Sizing matters

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying workwear uniforms online is getting the sizing wrong. It’s a quick way to waste time and money, and ill-fitting garments won’t help your reputation!

Before ordering, we recommend you take the time to get the sizing right by following these steps:

Use a tape measure: It might be old-fashioned, but a tape measure is the best way to take accurate measurements. Ask your team to take waist, chest, hip and other relevant measurements by allowing the tape to rest comfortably on the body.

Measure multiple times: Taking the same measurements two or three times will help you to establish accuracy. If the figures are different every time, then the tape measure is moving on the body so try and find a single spot to take each measurement.

Check the details

Before you order, take the time to check the returns policy so if things don’t work out you can exchange your workwear or get a refund. Also, check for goods that might be excluded such as underwear or seasonal items. 

Remember where you bought it

When you find branded workwear styles that work for your team, bookmark the site. That way, reorders are easy and if you require personalisation all your details will already be on file.

Sussex Clothing for your branded workwear needs

Whether you want printed or embroidered logos, corporate suits or PPE, we can meet all your workwear needs – shop now. Please contact us today or call 01273 417074 to find out more.

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