How to choose branded clothing for your staff uniforms


Staff uniforms make sense for business, projecting a polished and professional image. A staff uniform branded with your logo takes the image to another level. In this quick guide, we’ll help you choose the right branded clothing for your business.

Decide on a look.

Does your business need to project a smart corporate look, or will your staff need smart-casual clothing including polo shirts and smart trousers? The right look for your staff uniform will reflect the type of business you are in while remaining practical for your team both men and women.

At Sussex Clothing you’ll find everything from athleisure wear to tailoring to create the right branded uniform for your business.

What clothing does your staff need?

Any items of branded clothing need to allow your workers to do their job safely, comfortably and well. That means a range of sizes and shapes that offer proper fit and protection.

If you have workers that regularly encounter warmer temperatures, try garments from our performance range like the men’s and women’s cool T or the Pro Polo with double stitching for extra durability.

No one wants to have to spend time keeping their workwear looking good, so invest in easy-care items that staff can wash and wear. Our premium Oxford shirts have an easy iron finish to look good fast, while our men’s and women’s short sleeve shirts have an easy-care finish and are highly wash-resistant. That goes for our polos and fleeces too, and there are plenty of options in all sizes.

Will your staff need protective clothing? Then our range of branded personal protection wear is built to perform with features like CoolPlus fibre technology for enhanced moisture management and hi-vis that conforms to EN ISO standards. 

What image do you want to project?

In today’s world, embroidered clothing is about much more than simply looking smart or staying safe. The clothing choices you make can say a lot about your business values.

For example, if you want to project an image consistent with your values as a sustainable and eco-friendly business, why not choose uniform elements from our organic range? Incorporating sweatshirts, hoodies, parkas, polos, headwear and more, you can create a workwear uniform from head to toe that is comfortable, high-performance and good for the environment.

Colour coordinate for impact

When putting together a work uniform you should always consider your corporate colours. Your choice of workwear items should complement your branding and make your embroidered or screen printed logo pop.

Our workwear comes in a broad range of colours, although it’s always worth considering how confident and comfortable your staff will feel. For example, your brand colours may be yellow and red, but will a yellow polo and red trousers project the look you’re aiming for? Our branded clothing is available in classic neutrals including black, navy, charcoal, white and beige to let your logo stand out.

Branded clothing for staff uniforms

Branded uniforms can help your business build trust, credibility and professionalism. Shop online to find the right combination of items for your team and order everything from footwear to accessories quickly and easily.

Workwear experts

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