Why your business needs embroidered workwear

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Why your business needs Sussex Clothing embroidered workwear

When it’s essential that your team look their best, you need to invest in embroidered workwear. Adding your company logo to a range of shirts, jackets and hi-vis outerwear projects a professional look that lets the public identify your workers immediately, anywhere and everywhere they work.

Want to create a great first impression, boost team morale and be more sustainable? There are plenty of benefits to investing in a branded workwear uniform. Read on to find out more.

Great company image

When you want to project a polished and professional image in public, nothing works better than embroidered workwear from Sussex Clothing. Nothing boosts team morale like a unified look that makes your employees proud to represent your company in public.

Combined with a high quality soft shell jacket, hoodie or polo shirt, an embroidered logo really pops. Your workforce will present a smart and tailored look that instantly creates a great first impression.

Brand recognition

Branded workwear from Sussex Clothing turns your team into brand ambassadors wherever they’re working. If you want to build recognition and awareness then you need to deliver consistent and eye-catching branding at every opportunity, from your company cars to your company clothing. 

And workwear doesn’t just outperform in the work environment. Embroidery branded clothing is worn on the way to and from work, extending the reach of your brand well beyond the 9-5.

Durable and robust

But creating a professional company image through your branding isn’t enough. Your logo needs to be as durable and robust as your team’s workwear. That’s what makes high quality embroidery such a good investment.

Workwear is designed to perform in the dirtiest and most demanding environments. And then it needs to emerge from the washing machine looking brand new. Quality is an investment and so is an embroidered logo.

Stitched directly into the garment, it won’t fade over time like a printed logo. Its durability and longevity is part of what makes embroidered workwear such a good investment.

Consistent colours

Building your brand is all about consistency. That’s why at Sussex Clothing we’re able to match your company colours to perfection. And it doesn’t stop there. We can also replicate a range of effects and finishes so the logo on your workwear is a precise match for the logo on your letterhead.

If you need help creating the perfect look, our professional designers will be happy to help.

Flexibility and sustainability

Embroidered logos work over a wide range of clothing products in different styles and materials. So your logo will look great on your T-shirts as well as your hoodies and fleeces.

There’s a growing trend towards ethical and sustainable workwear that looks smart, fits comfortably and projects the desired image. Investing in highly durable sustainable workwear with a no-fade embroidered logo prevents fabric going to landfill. In turn that reduces your carbon footprint for an eco win-win.

Workwear that works for you from Sussex Clothing

Want to boost your brand recognition and create a professional look your team can be proud of? We’ll be happy to discuss how our branded workwear can help your team look great and feel more comfortable. If your company needs workwear that works for you, then get in touch today or browse our shop.

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