Customised clothing and team spirit

Customised work gilets male and female

Promote your brand and get into the team spirit. It has been a difficult time recently and teams that have previously worked closely together are sometimes adrift from the main organisation. Could they benefit from some team workwear to boost their morale and give them a team lift?

Boosting morale isn’t easy and creating an environment for a team to thrive can provide added benefits to your business. Bringing a team together, whether for sport, work, volunteering or, just for fun, makes everyone feel they are pulling together to achieve a common goal. 

Printed T-shirts, embroidered fleeces and customised uniforms help promote unity

Wearing a logo embroidered or printed on your clothing is a sure way to improve equality regardless of race, class or age. Customised workwear, polo shirts and printed T-shirts certainly bring unity and pride to an organisation or sports team. Representing your company or your local team is an achievement, proving responsibility, recognition and belonging.

The impact of wearing branded clothing on employees’ attitudes and morale shouldn’t be underestimated, and this is true across different sectors. Take a team of health workers, for example, visiting people in the community wearing smart embroidered polo shirt, fleeces or jackets provides instant recognition and furthers trust in your brand. 

Create a lasting impression

At Sussex Clothing, we stock a wide range of styles and prices in our online catalogue. Choosing a style, price and garment that is right for your workforce is important and there are a number of things to consider including comfort, fit and durability.  If a uniform needs frequent washing, then this is a major consideration. If your staff work outdoors in all weathers, then hardwearing fabrics are a must, as is high-visibility if working in extreme or dangerous environments.

Team Spirit and brand awareness

If your employees are out and about regularly, they represent your company and provide you with additional brand exposure. This may occur on their way to work, when they stop at a shop or service station or anywhere on the streets. Ensuring that your logo is clearly seen your message stands out, is one way of ensuring that your brand is recognised for high-quality. Spending a little more on embroidering some garments rather than printing is therefore money well spent.

Make sure your embroidered shirts and uniforms are undertaken by professionals to ensure a lasting impression. We can discuss your business clothing requirements, designs and ideas and help you select the correct colours, fit and sizes for all your personalised garments from polo-shirts to high-visibility jackets and outdoor wear.

We are based in Brighton but take orders from across the UK, ensuring every client receives a personal service and a first-class experience. 

 If we can help you with a quote, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01273 417074 or use our contact form. 

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