Build your brand with custom clothing

Customised T-shirts for plumber

There are several benefits to ensuring your brand identity is noticed and that your business, products and services are recognised for their high-quality and in the best possible light.

Customers will make their own opinions of your business and staff; ensuring they look tidy and smart, are proud of the company they work for and its products, and that they deliver a service to a high quality, all reflects on your brand.

Since Covid-19 made unimaginable changes to our businesses in the last year, it is even more important than ever to ensure your brand is recognised in the best possible way. Ensuring your staff are well presented is an important part of the overall brand image, and it will set you apart from many other competitors in your sector. 

Branded workwear, uniforms and custom clothing

As personalised printed and embroidered workwear supplier, we offer quality products from leading brands and manufacturers. We can embroider or print your logo and/or staff name on any of our garments for indoor or outdoor wear.

Custom clothing gives your staff an edge. If your workforce look professional, it will give your customers confidence in your products and services. No matter what your staff do, there are opportunities for workwear in your sector, and while your staff are undertaking their jobs, they are representing your company to the best of their ability and promoting your business. 

For a small investment, you can make your company stand out from the crowd, reinforce your company message, promote a new product and ensure that your employees wear the right clothing for their role.

Whether your staff’s interactions with the public are face-to-face or virtual, your branded workwear will be noticed online or off. Also, your staff don’t have to worry about what to wear every day because, and benefit from being part of a wider team.

Uniforms for protection

Uniforms provide a wealth of benefits in health and safety. Flame resistant fabrics can help prevent injuries if working in a manufacturing environment, and high visibility uniforms ensure workers stand out on a busy construction site. 

Keeping your workforce safe and well-equipped is an employer’s responsibility. Different colours can quickly identify which workers should be in a specific area of a site which is another safety, and with teams, it is a great way to foster team spirit.

Company pride and employee benefits

Improving brand awareness and a sense of pride often starts from within a company. Workwear or a uniform can help instill that sense of pride and encourage your team members towards becoming a ‘brand ambassador’ for your company, outside of the workplace. We also supply ethical workplace clothing.

A further employee bonus is that they are saving money by not wearing their own clothes to work. A uniform becomes a bonus and saves the employee time and expense.

Custom clothing for a professional image

Overall, branded workwear or a uniform provides your company with a professional face to the public and gives customers a sense of confidence and trust. 

Customised workwear provides safety and security for the employee, promotes team building and improves brand awareness of products and services.

If you would like to talk to us about ordering your company workwear, whether a small order or for your whole organisation, please give us a call on 01273 417074 or use our contact form. 

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