Premium Branded Fleeces

light brown premium branded fleece

Every hue, every style: check out our collection of premium branded fleeces

Branded fleeces are the perfect blend of style and functionality, making them ideal for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking warmth and a polished look. At Sussex Clothing we provide a wide array of branded fleeces tailored for businesses, clubs, charities, schools, construction firms, and more. At the heart of our offering is a commitment to quality and versatility. We ensure that our premium range of fleeces meets the demands of both modern adventurers and those in pursuit of comfort.

A palette for every preference

Colour is not just an element of style; it’s a powerful tool for branding and team spirit. That’s why we designed our collection with a palette that caters for every preference and purpose. We’ve carefully selected a range of colours that allow businesses, sports teams and organisations to find the perfect hue to match their brand identity or team colours. From the dynamic energy of bright reds and blues to the professional and polished look of blacks, browns, greys and whites, our spectrum is as diverse as the needs of our clients.

Whether you’re aiming to make a bold statement on the field with fleeces that match your team colours or seeking a hue that aligns with your company’s brand, our collection ensures that you can find the right colour to reflect your identity, enhance cohesion, and complement the mood and setting of your group’s activities.

Versatility in design

Our collection has been carefully selected to encompass a variety of styles designed to satisfy all tastes and business needs. For those seeking protection against the cold without sacrificing comfort, our heavyweight fleeces are the ideal choice, providing significant warmth in a cosy package. Our microfleeces offer a lighter option, perfect for those times when you need just a slight increase in warmth, making them suitable for transitional weather or as an additional layer for added flexibility. Our range also includes gilets and bodywarmers, which are excellent for maintaining core warmth without restricting arm movement, offering versatility that integrates effortlessly into both active and leisurely lifestyles.

Branded fleeces by brands you trust

Our collection features esteemed brands such as Regatta, Jack Wolfskin, and Craghoppers. These brands are known for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and performance. Each piece in our collection brings its unique technology and design philosophy, ensuring that your fleece delivers both quality and style.

Crafted for everyone

At Sussex Clothing, we believe that branded fleeces should cater for a wide array of needs and tastes. Our diverse collection is meticulously selected to suit everyone – from office staff looking for a smart, warm layer, to construction workers needing durable and protective outerwear on site. We also cater to the youthful spirit of children’s teams and school groups, providing comfortable, stylish, and functional fleeces that can keep up with their energy. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colours, our range is designed to embrace everyone in the world of premium branded fleeces.

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