Logo options for branded workwear

TSG logo options for branded workwear

Choosing the right method to display your logo on t-shirts is important when looking to make a lasting impression. Each technique offers unique benefits, adding a touch of personality to your brand. Here, we look at the diverse world of logo options for branded workwear, including embroidery, vinyl printing, digital printing and screen printing, to help you make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your brand vision.

Embroidery or print for branded workwear?

For top quality, durable and custom workwear that conveys professionalism, your optimal choice is an embroidered message or logo. The beauty of embroidery lies in its cost consistency regardless of the number of different colours in the logo, setting it apart from screen printing. Renowned for its durability, embroidery adds a sophisticated touch to staff uniforms.

However, there are situations where we might suggest printing, particularly for large logos or text, such as spanning the back of a hoodie or t-shirt, or when dealing with very small, closely spaced text. 

Embroidered logos for branded workwear

Embroidery stands out as a classic and sophisticated option for showcasing your logo on your branded workwear. This technique involves stitching your design onto the fabric using thread, providing a three-dimensional texture and a high-quality finish. Ideal for small logos or monograms, embroidery adds a polished look to your apparel. It’s particularly suitable for polo shirts, sweatshirts and business attire, where a refined look is essential. Additionally, embroidery offers durability, ensuring that your logo withstands regular wear and washing while maintaining its sharp and detailed appearance, making it a long-lasting and stylish choice for branding on a variety of branded workwear.

Vinyl printing – vibrant and versatile

Vinyl printing is a versatile and vibrant option that allows your logo to pop with bold colours and sharp edges. This method involves cutting your design from vinyl sheets and heat-pressing it onto the fabric. Vinyl printing is perfect for intricate designs or those with gradients, providing a sleek and modern appearance. The durability of vinyl makes it an excellent choice for sportswear and promotional t-shirts, ensuring your logo stays vivid even after numerous washes.

Digital printing – photorealistic precision

Digital printing, or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, is a modern technique that enables photorealistic precision. This method involves printing the design directly onto the fabric using specialised inkjet technology. Digital printing is excellent for detailed, full-colour designs, ensuring your logo looks exactly as intended. It’s a fantastic choice for custom designs, one-off prints, and smaller quantities, allowing for a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Screen printing – ideal for mass production

Screen printing is a tried-and-tested method that excels in mass production and maintaining consistent quality. This process involves creating a stencil for each colour in the design, transferring it onto a fine mesh screen, and then applying ink through the screen onto the fabric. Ideal for larger quantities, screen printing is cost-effective and offers vibrant, long-lasting prints. It’s a go-to choice for promotional events, team uniforms and large-scale merchandise, providing a durable and high-impact result.

When considering logo options for branded workwear, each technique has its unique advantages. For a quality, personalised touch to your corporate clothing, please contact Sussex Clothing today.